About the Smoke Signals Indigenous Cannabis Cup

The 2018 Smoke Signals Indigenous Cannabis Cup is being held in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory (65 km west of Kingston, Ontario) from Friday, May 18th to Monday, May 21st, 2018. Over the course of this Victoria Day long weekend, thousands of indigenous people and their friends are expected to gather in Tyendinaga for a historic gathering to give thanks for the many gifts of the cannabis plant.

This will likely be the largest gathering of Indigenous people connected to the cannabis plant in history, and organizers intend to bring awareness about the role that cannabis can play in not only improving the health of Indigenous peoples, but in providing economic alternatives for indigenous self-determination.The weekend’s activities will include overnight camping, bonfires, a wide range of workshops ranging from the practical to the esoteric, music and entertainment, traditional socials, the construction and smoking of the world’s largest peace pipe, not to mention deciding the best cannabis products in a dozen different categories to determine who’s got the best bud in all of Turtle Island.

2017 witnessed the rapid explosion of Indigenous medical cannabis dispensaries including the development of supply chains, customer bases, new products, and rapidly growing networks of communication and support. Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory has been ground zero for this growth, and now plays host to over 20 indigenous cannabis dispensaries.

All surplus generated from the operation of the Indigenous Cannabis Cup will be used to fund the following community projects. 1.) Building a cultural centre/longhouse along Highway 49 for the people of Tyendinaga to make decisions, hold ceremonies, and host cultural teachings, 2.) Providing financial support to the Tyendinaga Midwifery program, 3.) Providing financial support to the Mohawk Language language program, 4.) Establishing a family hardship fund that Tyendinaga people can apply to when in financial need.

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