Frequently asked questions about the 2018 Indigenous Cannabis Cup

When is the Cup?

The cup will be held on the weekend of May 18th-21th from 8am Friday to 6pm Monday.

Where is the Cup being held?

The cup will be held in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory (near the town of Belleville, ON.) The exact location in Tyendinaga for the event will be announced closer to the event.

How much does it cost to attend the Cup?

A weekend pass is $120 and covers entry for all three days and a camping spot. A day pass is $42 and covers entry for a day. A VIP/judge pass is $420 and covers entry and product for all three days.

How can I find out more information about the Cup?

The main communications portal for the Cup can be found at You can sign up for regular email updates on our webpage that will keep you informed of all our official communications. You can also call or text us anytime at 613-900-2676 or email us at

What are the deadlines for submission of product?

All entries to the cannabis cup must be received at the Smoke Signals main office on April 1st.

How can I get a booth as a vendor for the event?

The cost for a 10×10 booth at the 2018 Smoke Signals Indigenous Cannabis Cup is $420. The event space opens at 8am on Friday, May 18th and closes at 6pm on Monday, May 21st.

Booths are sold on a first come, first serve basis and you may purchase multiple booth spaces. To confirm your spot you must send an etransfer for $420 per 10×10 booth to and fill out this form.

Please note that the booth space only covers the physical 10×10 space and no amenities. There is a space in this form for you to identify what other needs you have, and organizers will get back to you with a cost of what we are able to provide these extras for. Direct all questions to

Can I sell cannabis products at my booth?

As the land owner and Cup host, Smoke Signals Tyendinaga gives full permission for vendor sales of tested and safe cannabis and cannabis derived products, and all cannabis industry related products, during the Cup weekend.

How did this cup get organized?

Jamie Kunkel, the owner of Smoke Signals Tyendinaga took the initiative to organize the Cup. He is assisted in the planning of the cup by an organizing committee that meets weekly.

Is there accomodation for the event?

Free camping will be made available for those purchasing VIP passes and weekend passes.

Are alcohol or other hard drugs allowed at the cup?

This is a dry event. Security will have zero tolerance for the use of alcohol or other hard drugs at any cup events, including the campgrounds for cup attendees.

What are the entry categories for the Cup?

A cup will be awarded for each winning entry in the following categories

  1. Indoor Flower
  2. Outdoor Flower
  3. Indoor Organic Flower
  4. Outdoor Organic Flower
  5. Hash
  6. Oil
  7. Shatter
  8. Wax/Honey comb
  9. Distillate
  10. Topicals
  11. CBD Product
  12. Edibles/Tinctures/Capsules

April 1st is deadline for all entries.

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